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In locations where marijuana is legal, there are often specific rules and restrictions, such as age limits, possession limits, and designated consumption areas. It's important to adhere to these guidelines to avoid legal consequences.

On the other hand, in places where marijuana is illegal, penalties for possession, use, or trafficking can be severe. Tourists may face legal consequences, including fines, imprisonment, or deportation. It's crucial to prioritize your safety and respect the laws of the country or region you're visiting.

Before traveling, consider the following steps:

  1. Research Local Laws: Familiarize yourself with the marijuana laws of the destination. Understand the legal status, possession limits, and any restrictions on consumption.
  2. Respect Local Culture: Even in places where marijuana is legal, it's essential to be respectful of local customs and attitudes towards its use. Public consumption may still be frowned upon in certain areas.
  3. Purchase from Legal Sources: If marijuana is legal, buy it from licensed and regulated dispensaries. Avoid purchasing from illegal or unregulated sources, as this may lead to legal trouble.
  4. Consume Responsibly: If you choose to use marijuana, do so responsibly. Be aware of the impact on your judgment and motor skills, and avoid activities that require full attention, such as driving.
  5. Keep it Private: If marijuana is legal but has restrictions on public consumption, find designated areas or consume it in private to avoid legal issues.


If you're a cannabis enthusiast, Mallorca, Alicante, or Valencia could be your dream holiday spots in lively Spain. Before you pack, understand the local cannabis scene. While not technically legal in these regions (or anywhere in Spain), it exists in a tolerated gray area due to the lack of precise legislation.

In Spain, cannabis use is permitted under certain conditions, as there are no clear laws governing it. Though prohibited in public spaces, private property enjoys protection, except if visible to the public.

Freedom of association in Spanish law has led to private cannabis clubs, but these are off-limits to tourists; only Spanish residents can join.

While personal use purchase might be legal, possessing marijuana in public spaces is strictly prohibited, with no exceptions. Buying from illegal sources can lead to severe legal consequences.

Despite these risks, discreetly enjoying cannabis away from public view enhances your holiday experience. Due to police raids during the pandemic, good-quality weed in Spain comes at a high price that may not drop soon.

Non-Spanish citizens can't join cannabis clubs due to strict rules enforced by the police and government. Attempts by clubs to welcome tourists have often resulted in forceful closures.

Considering these risks, seeking drugs through other means or buying from criminal sources can lead to serious legal consequences, potentially landing you in jail.

But, fear not! If you discreetly purchase and consume cannabis away from public sight, chances are nothing will spoil your holiday high—it's actually quite pleasant to enjoy weed in any of our cities.

In summary, while Spain may seem like a cannabis haven, it's vital to be cautious and informed for a trouble-free holiday.